Blacksheep is looking for more than just investors

Is today the day?

When you become a shareholder of a Blacksheep project, you become a partial owner of that project. Therefore, we’re not just looking for investors – we’re looking for partners. We don’t just create profitable businesses for those who already possess financial capital to invest – we understand that in order for our projects to truly be considered “regenerative,” ownership must be broad (shared amongst many) and accessible to local people.

This has inspired us to build relationships with people who are as passionate about¬†finding right livelihood as we are. We do the legwork for our partners – but it’s up to each individual to decide that today is the day. Today is the day to divest hard-earned money out of extractive systems that pillage our environment of its resources and rob communities of their sovereignty. Today is the day to invest in projects that bring returns while regenerating our ecosystems and communities.

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