Enamorado Cacao Collective – Seasonal Report 2017

Nov 25, 2017 in Enamorado Cacao Collective

Buenos días, socios de Enamorado Cacao Collective!

The 30th of this month (November) marks the second birthday of Enamorado Cacao Collective! It’s been a great two years. The following is a list of progress highlights seen on Enamorado Cacao Collective to date.

Completion of legal work

  • This includes legal mapping, title transfer, establishing the corporation, and land purchase.


  • This season saw Steven Ganister of Earthkeeper Landscaping in Portland, OR, head up a team that focused on intensive site analysis, systems design, as well as the creation and initial implementation of the ECC timber/reforestation/agroforestry plan.
  • Esteban Jiminez Contreras, a local Costa Rican, former intern, participant and graduate of Verde’s annual PDC, is training to head up the on-site management and implementation of Steven’s designs.

Turmeric Expansion

  • This past year saw an emphasis of turmeric planting within Enamorado Cacao Collective, VerdEnergia, and Shangri-Lanas. ECC’s projected turmeric harvest in Spring 2018 is approximately 10,000 kg. In total, all three projects are expected to bring a harvest of approximately 50,000 kg. Much of it will be replanted that same spring.

Cacao Productivity

  • The initial pruning of approximately 2,400 established cacao trees has begun. These previously planted cacao trees, some 25 years old, have grown into a thick cacao forest and require aggressive pruning and management to encourage productivity in 1-2 years time.
  • All other fruit trees are being pruned for productivity as well.

Product Testing

  • The University of Costa Rica recently tested turmeric grown on VerdEnergia and found that it has curcuminoid levels of 14+%. This is 3x – 5x the standard levels found in most available turmeric. Enamorado Cacao Collective is sourcing all of its turmeric from Verde, so shareholders of ECC can have confidence in the genetics of their turmeric.

Networking & Product Processing

  • Blacksheep has been hard at work organizing the exportation of our developing line of organic products, as well as organizing partnerships with buyers, including organic grocery and superfood stores and various small businesses located in the US and Costa Rica.
  • ECC turmeric will be available this time next year in dried powder, dried powdered extract, tincture, as well as essential oils.

Next year’s work on ECC will see planting for reforestation and sustainable timber harvest, establishment of sacha inchi orchards, turmeric harvest and planting, continued pruning and management of existing cacao trees as well as organizing 50,000 inches of timber that will be prepped for harvest in 1-3 years.

On behalf of Enamorado Cacao Collective, Blacksheep, the Lanas community and the healing Costa Rican landscape, we’d like to sincerely thank everyone involved for their support in the creation and implementation of this project. We’re looking forward to many more years of success!


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  1. This seasonal report is so very informative. Amazing progress is being made there . Thank you for this info and all the amazing things you are doing. ❤️👍

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