what we do

Blacksheep is reclaiming global sovereignty from extractive industries and corporations through open-sourced partnership systems built on the regeneration of natural capital.


We connect investors with landowners in economically and environmentally exhausted areas to create custom businesses that generate long-term wealth and stability for everyone involved.


Blacksheep can join your team to strategize and problem-solve, helping you start your own regenerative project or transition your current project.


Our regenerative design approach is holistic and multidimensional. We gently bring land into production while creating steady employment for local people and profit for our investors.


To insure the success of our projects, we have adopted a (rubber) boots-on-the-ground style of management. Our team actively engages with our projects through every phase of implementation.


As our projects move into production, Blacksheep insures that the raw materials are processed in the most socially, environmentally and financially responsible ways possible. We strive to create wholesome products based on market demand.


Plug into our growing network of partnerships to get your products onto the market and into the hands of appreciative customers.


We don’t wait for top-down action; we are action.

Blacksheep is directly confronting the global assault on the environment and vulnerable communities through creative business solutions. Our model is a formalized method of direct action against destructive industries, creating open-sourced investment pools focused on bolstering local economies and regenerating wildlife habitats.

Unlike traditional investment systems, the Blacksheep model does not consider people, animals or the environment as “externalities.” We don’t invest in the destruction of land, the extraction of resources, or the enslavement of people. Instead, we take a grassroots approach – our model prioritizes the welfare of local people, broad ownership of land and protection of resources.


Step 1.

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4.

Step 5.

Find a problem
  • Look to the waste stream for issues that are in need of attention.
Devise a plan
  • Create a profitable business plan to incentivize appropriate utilization of the wasted resource while impacting surrounding communities positively.
Gather partners
  • Strategically select partners based on the capital they can contribute including land, skillsets and finances.
Implement the plan
  • Collaborate with partners to roll out the plan and see it through to completion.
  • Engage surrounding communities in equity management.
  • Reap allocated benefits with shareholders and the local community.
  • See that the orginal problem in question has a real solution.


Blacksheep projects are investment pools that regenerate and protect the earth, prioritize the welfare of local people and perpetuate broad ownership of land.


We seek investors who want to rethink the prevailing economic model.

The world’s forests are disappearing at an alarming rate, creating a ravenous demand for lumber, fresh water and food that is likely to increase over the next 25-30 years. Climate change and deforestation present humankind with a tremendous challenge, but also an opportunity. We can help regenerate destroyed ecosystems, empower demoralized communities and create right livelihood for ourselves by investing in the responsible management of natural resources. We have the power to stop the pillaging of our planet and communities – by simply divesting from destructive industries and the banks that invest in them, and in turn, placing our energy and hard-earned money into an investment model that actually helps repair our world.

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